Why PURU is a good choice for the environment?

PURU’s mission is to nourish and protect your skin with our natural products while in accordance with the environment.

How do we do that?

Keeping it natural

We use NO chemicals to make our products.

What do we use instead?

Organic and NON-GMO ingredients that are not only amazing for you, but also a great choice for the environment.

PURU loves animals, so we support causes that help animals and plant life. For this reason, none of our formulas are ever tested on animals (all ingredients are food grade and do not require testing). None of our products use animal substances and many of our products are vegan.

Every little detail counts

We’re also eco-conscious about our packaging. The beauty/bodycare industry produces a lot of plastic waste, which is something PURU is trying to change. We only use recyclable plastic/aluminum on all our packaging.

Reef-and lakesafe sunscreen

Switzerland’s rivers and lakes are home to many freshwater fish. These fish and other lake wildlife and plants can be harmed and affected by use of chemical sunscreen.

Other chemical sunscreens can not only cause damage to your body and skin but also to the precious Swiss water ways and the underwater ecosystem. The chemicals can come off your skin and seep into the water harming the environment.

PURU Sunscreen is more environmentally friendly as we use NO chemicals and are active ingredients are Non-Nano.

We want to make a difference

For over 100 years ProNatura has been fighting for nature’s cause in Switzerland. PURU makes sure to help this amazing cause by supporting their charity.