Is your Sunscreen LakeSafe?

Is your chemical sunscreen polluting the Swiss rivers and lakes? Most commercially available sunscreen in Switzerland contains many chemicals, which can cause harm to the Swiss rivers and lakes.

Check Ingredients

Even sunscreen that looks natural, makes natural claims or states BIO / Organic can still be unsafe and you must check the ingredients. In reality, you don’t have time to check every ingredient so here at PURU, we make sure that every ingredient is natural so you don’t have to worry.

Switzerland’s rivers and lakes of Switzerland are home to much freshwater fish. These fish and other lake wildlife and plants can be harmed and affected by the use of chemical sunscreen.


Other chemical sunscreens can not only cause damage to your body and skin but also to the precious Swiss waterways and the underwater ecosystem. The chemicals can come off your skin and seep into the water harming the environment.


The only way to ensure you are lake safe with your sunscreen is to use only 100% natural sunscreen. All Puru sunscreens are lake safe. See our range of lake safe sunscreen here  #lakesafe

How to look for a natural sunscreen ?

In general the fewer ingredients the better. Our PURU sunscreens only contain the minimum