Gift Ideas From PURU

Why choose to give natural cosmetics to your loved ones? Here is 5 of the many reasons why.

  1. Unique & personalized. Natural cosmetics are unique gifts, as each piece is made with love, and among the various scents and premium ingredients, you will surely find the product you were looking for.

  2. Because with natural cosmetics you say you are important to me: each and every PURU product is made with special care. All of our products made with selected ingredients without synthetic substances – it is important in the short and long term, both to avoid skin irritation and to significantly reduce the risk of allergic reactions which can be caused by the accumulation of synthetic substances that are difficult to excrete.

  3. They are useful and decorative. A good gift is not only beautiful, tastefully packaged, and in the case of handmade cosmetics, a real treasure of the bathroom, but it is also useful. Our body butters and sunscreen support the skin’s defenses and activate the body’s self-healing ability.

  4. Because natural cosmetics are an environmentally conscious choice: Fortunately more and more people practicing environmental awareness, but as Christmas approaches, some people will forget about this important issue. It is true for all PURU natural product that it has not been tested on animals, and the ingredients are 100% natural, without synthetic additives, preservatives, colorings or fragrances.

  5. Because people with sensitive skin can use it without problems: You may have a friend or family member who said, “Thank you, I don’t want cosmetics for Christmas because my skin is sensitive!” well, natural cosmetics are a great choice for them as well as they are free of all synthetic ingredients, and besides the many valuable active ingredients we add only natural, hypoallergenic fragrances to PURU natural cosmetics, so they are a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin, too.

Let us give you some tips if you are still in doubt what to give to your loved ones. There is a great gift for everyone at PURU.