Is your sunscreen safe to use?

We hear a lot about the harmful effects of UV rays so we protect ourselves with sunscreen. But is the sunscreen you’re using good for your health?

Our PURU sunscreen only uses non-nano Zinc oxide so it does NOT contain Nanoparticles or nanotechnology.

But what are the risks and benefits of using nanoparticles like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in sunscreens?

What Are Nanoparticles?

A nanoparticle is a very small particle that has to be measured in nanometers.

The main active ingredients in sunscreen that protect your skin are zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and most sunscreens add these ingredients at nano sizes.

These tiny particles can leave less white marks when applying sunscreen but are more easily absorbed into the skin, which is a concern.

When Non-Nano?

The EU has roughly defined non-nano as “the primary particle size is greater than 100nm,” and Australia defines non-nano as “more than 90% of particles are above 100nm.”

Why take the risk?

With so much evidence suggesting nanoparticles being a potential danger to the skin why take the risk? This is why PURU produced a natural sunscreen with only non-nano zinc oxide. When applied correctly PURU natural sunscreen is barely visible on the skin and you can safely enjoy the sun and feel happier about the health of your skin.

PURU sunscreens only contain Non-Nano Zinc and antioxidants (Vitamin E) and other natural ingredients.