PURU only uses 100% natural ingredients in our Lip Balm

100% Natural Lip Balm can nourish and moisturize your lips.
Puru Lip Balm is a special product with all the natural ingredients.
Our Lip Balm’s come in packs of 3 or either a mix of 3 of each fragrance.
The key ingredient is our natural shea butter, which is the safest and most effective lip balm ingredient.

CACAO, ROSE or Blood Orange and Raspberry

Whether you want the intense CACAO, ROSE, or Blood Orange and Raspberry your lips will be in for a treat.
This is one of our most popular products and our existing stocks sells out fast so make sure you buy yours now.
100% Natural Lip Balm only has the finest pure natural ingredients.
Having chapped lips is not good. So give daily care to your lips and enjoy the natural remedy to chapped lips.
Your lips need moisturizing nutrients and our PURU lip balms are ideal for that.