Supporting Sustainability Education: PURU Suisse Donates 100% Natural Sunscreen to Schule Muri-Seidenberg’s Microplastics Project

PURU Suisse, a company committed to sustainability and the protection of the environment, has donated its 100% natural sunscreen to Schule Muri-Seidenberg in Bern Switzerland, for their school project on microplastics. The school is dedicated to making the world a better place and has focused its efforts on studying sustainability.

The school’s project focuses on microplastics, a growing problem in our oceans and marine life as is nano-particles. To spread awareness of this issues, the school informed people on the street on March 27th. As part of this initiative, they distributed samples of PURU Suisse’s natural sunscreen, which is both safe for personal health and aquatic life.

PURU Suisse is dedicated to protecting the environment and has made significant efforts to support clean water and shore charitable activities. PURU sponsor the green and eco-focused sailing race, PURU Transgascogne, which is also supported by the Sea Cleaners, who have a catamaran to clean up microplastics. PURU Suisse also only uses recyclable plastic and is committed to switching to 100% biodegradable packaging in 2025.

PURU Suisse’s natural sunscreen does not use nano-particles and is lake and reef safe. By donating their eco-friendly sunscreen to the school, they are supporting the school’s efforts to spread awareness about sustainability and the dangers of microplastics and nano-particles.

Schule Muri-Seidenberg is a kindergarten, school, and day school located in Muri Bern, Switzerland. The school’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their project, and PURU Suisse’s donation is a fantastic way to support their efforts.

PURU Suisse’s donation of their 100% natural sunscreen to Schule Muri-Seidenberg is a wonderful example of a company dedicated to sustainability and environmental protection. Their support of the school’s project on microplastics demonstrates their commitment to making a positive impact on the world. By donating their eco-friendly sunscreen, they are contributing to the school’s efforts to educate people on the dangers of microplastics and spread awareness of the importance of sustainability.

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