Finding the best sun protection for your skin type is not so easy. There are many interesting products on the market. A glance at the usually long list of ingredients is tedious and confusing. This raises questions: Which product is good for me and my skin type? Which ingredients are safe for me and the environment? Which sun cream offers effective and long-term sun protection for the skin? Our overview of the individual ingredients helps further aid in the confusion of sun protection products and clearly shows: Natural is better.


Effective and high-quality sun creams offer reliable protection against dangerous UVA and UVB radiation. A great icing on the cake is caring ingredients. Good sun protection is not only appropriate on holiday. A sun cream or day cream with SPF is also recommended in everyday life, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Choose the right sun protection factor to suit your skin type. The lighter the skin tone, the higher the sun protection factor. A cream with SPF 50 provides optimum protection for light skin. For people with tanned skin or a darker skin tone, creams with SPF 30 are sufficient. The SPF extends the time you can spend in the sun without sun protection by the indicated factor. SPF 30 means that you can stay in the sun 30 times as long as without sun protection.


The ideal sunscreen is effective and well-tolerated by both people and the environment. A cream that cares for the skin and is easy to apply. One that can do all that without unnecessary chemical ingredients. Synthetic fragrances and alcohol are not included. Many sun protection and body care products contain harmful ingredients. All PURU products are 100% natural because natural is better. Our creams contain no chemical ingredients at all. PURU sun creams provide effective and reliable protection from the sunlight without chemicals. We have worked hard to develop products that are effective, sustainable, and natural. A good sun cream needs only a few ingredients. Mineral UV filters provide effective protection from sunlight. In the following sections, you will find answers to the question: What makes the best sunscreen?

Sun protection completely without harmful substances

Despite the variety of sun creams on the market, not every product is recommendable. Companies are often under pressure to produce the most user-friendly sun creams efficiently and cost-effectively. Many manufacturers use alcohol, fragrances, and other ingredients in their products that are not optimal. Some of these substances trigger allergies, others are toxic to the organism or harmful to the environment in large quantities. We generally advise against sun sprays. The fine droplets of the spray can be inhaled and large parts of the spray often end up not on the skin but in the environment. The effective PURU Suisse sun protection is therefore only available as a cream.


For our sun protection products we focus on a short list of ingredients with maximum effectiveness. PURU sun creams contain no more than 7 ingredients and are a reliable and sustainable sun protection. True to the motto “less is more”, PURU sun creams offer effective sun protection for the whole family. With Non-Nano Zinc Oxide we use a harmless UV filter. We deliberately avoid synthetic fragrances and alcohol. These substances can decompose under sunlight and possibly have a phototoxic effect. A high alcohol concentration irritates the skin and can cause allergies. Persons with dry skin react particularly sensitively to high alcohol concentrations. Soothing and caring ingredients round off our optimal sun cream. Vitamin E, coconut oil and cocoa butter care for the skin in the best possible way and provide it with moisture. Thanks to highly concentrated and rich ingredients, our sun creams are economical and comparable to larger packages of other sun protection products. PURU products are animal-free. PURU’s team of experts knows exactly what makes the best sunscreen. We deliver 100% natural, pure and honest body care products. With so many sun care products with different ingredients and UV filters, it’s not easy to keep track. With PURU products, you can make life a little easier. We offer you the best possible sun protection based on natural ingredients.

It all depends on the UV filter

The right UV filter is essential for every sun protection product. Depending on the filter there are big differences in quality. Basically, a distinction can be made between chemical and mineral filters. Mineral filters protect the skin by reflecting sunlight. Zinc oxide and titanium oxide belong to the mineral filters. These so-called broad-spectrum UV filters protect against UBA and UVB radiation. There is a small but significant difference between the two sun filters. Titanium dioxide does not protect against the entire spectrum of UVA radiation. For this reason, we use zinc oxide in PURU sun protection creams. Ideal for those who do not want to let any chemicals get on their skin or for those who are allergic to other products with chemical filters. Chemical UV filters work differently than mineral filters. They convert UV radiation into heat. Not all chemical filters are photostable. Some break down under prolonged exposure to the sun and do not provide reliable protection. Some of these substances trigger allergies that are similar to sun allergies, others disrupt metabolic processes in the body and even interfere with the body’s hormone system. Common ingredients such as oxybenzone, octocrylenes, and octinoxates are strongly criticized today.

These substances can penetrate the skin, influence metabolic processes and are certainly not environmentally friendly. These three “O’s” are harmful to corals and other animals. The substance has been proven in numerous ecosystems, even in the Arctic and remote coral reefs. Mineral filters containing nanoparticles are also of concern. Clear studies on the harmlessness of these tiny particles are still lacking. The “Sunscreen Guide” of the American environmental organization Environmental Working Group stated: “Almost all current sunscreen products contain ingredients that are of concern. Time to rethink! You are on the safe side. The certified creams from PURU Suisse are free of chemical filters, microplastics, and nanoparticles. PURU Suisse sun creams contain the mineral UV filter Non-Nano Zinc Oxide. Zinc oxide filters are particularly well tolerated, do not penetrate the skin into the organism, do not disintegrate under UV radiation, and are harmless to the environment. We select the ingredients of our products carefully, with a focus on maximum sun protection and best environmental compatibility. We deliberately avoid combining several UV filters in one product. You will not find synthetic fragrances and alcohol in the 100% natural and high-quality PURU Suisse sun creams.

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