The Power of Seed Oils

Have you harnessed the power of seed oils yet?

If not, why not?

Seed oils are packed with antioxidants and nutrients and really are nature’s little secret.

If you want to keep looking young and beautiful, then seed oils are the answer.

PURU uses only hand-pressed organic seed oils of the highest quality.


A common feature of oils is that they blend with the secretions of the dermal glands so that they can easily remove various impurities without drying the skin.


Absorbing oils form a protective layer on the skin and prevent water’s dehumidifying effect of cold, wind, and dry air.


Vegetable and seed oils containing the right blend of ingredients should be included in skin creams and lotions as they are able to prevent cell loss of water without inhibiting skin respiration.

Sun protection

Most plant-based oils also protect the skin from the potentially harmful effects of UV rays. Natural sun protection (SPF) from plant waxes and oils is generally considered to be SPF4, while sesame and avocado oils are considered to have a natural SPF of 1-2. (However, in direct sunlight and for light-skinned people, safer protection is also needed).

Seed oils make the skin elastic

Seed oils are also great for pregnancy by helping to loosen the skin and prevent stretch marks. The oils will intensely soften and elasticize the skin.

They soothe and heal

We can count on vegetable-based oils after sunbathing. Shea butter and geranium oil soothe and regenerate sunburned skin.

Oil for oily skin?

Yes. A good blend of oils will normalize sebaceous glands and tighten the broad pores.

Care for sensitive skin

For the delicate sensitive skin of children then jojoba oil with antioxidant properties is most definitely suitable. PURU Body Butter Seed Oils contains many seed oils that can even help treat eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions.