Wearing Sunscreen Everyday?
Reduce toxins by using the most Natural Sunscreen available.

If you are wearing sunscreen everyday then use an All Natural Sunscreen!

But Why?

In our daily lives, we inevitably come into contact with various chemicals and toxins that could do unnoticed harm to your health – it can take many years without discovering the small changes that these “everyday poisons” can cause. If these toxins accumulate in your body, there can be various signs of it – although it may not be easy think about it, this toxin overload can also cause unpleasant symptoms to your body and skin.

From food to cosmetics, we can come into contact with many things that contain chemicals and toxins that are harmful to your body. With a little care, you can reduce or even completely prevent many of these toxins from damaging your health. Toxic substances usually leave our bodies during metabolic processes. When it’s time for detoxification our kidneys, liver, lungs, intestines and skin also play a big role in the process of detoxification. If you consume too many toxins your body can become overloaded.

The Sun can also help our bodies natural detoxification processes and it has countless other benefit as well. However, you should always try to avoid overexposure to the sun and prevent burning to your skin. Therefore PURU recommends using the most natural sunscreen that provides safety against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays burning your skin.

Smart sunbathing has extremely beneficial effects on our body, here are some of the many:

  1. Stimulates the body’s detoxification processes

  2. Delivers vitamin D to the body

  3. Releases happiness hormones

  4. Recharges your spiritual tank

  5. Charges you with energy

  6. Increase metabolism

  7. Relaxes muscles

  8. Heals joints

PURU 100% Natural Sunscreen contains no more than 7 ingredients and can be an excellent sunscreen for everyone.
Developed for everyday use, it is a highly moisturizing sunscreen that provides a high level of protection against both UVA and UVB radiation. This sunscreen is suitable for all skin types, all ages, even the skin of pregnant ladies and babies. Use this product every day as the last step in your morning skin care routine to protect your facial skin from damage.

In addition to physical sunscreen ingredients, PURU sunscreen contains a number of natural extracts that have moisturizing properties. Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil has excellent skin moisturizing properties, has regenerating effect, reduces redness. Coconut oil has antioxidant and moisturizing properrties. PURU sunscreens with only 6 natural ingredients will provide you with a smart sunbathing experience. Thus, this sunscreen not only protects against UV radiation, but also moisturizes the skin.


PURU is on a mission to improve the cosmetics industry through sourcing of more natural ingredients and sustainable packaging that also contributes towards measurable improvements to the water ways and oceans.

Switzerland for the Oceans is active in measurably improving the world’s oceans and brings together diverse groups to find solutions to complex water issues.

PURU is title sponsor for the prestigious eco-conscious sailing race PURU Transgascogne which aims to raise further awareness towards clean water issues around the world.


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