Shea The Tree of Life

Shea butter is one of the most versatile 100% natural body care ingredients. It is a superfood for skin and is found as a base in many of PURU products. It comes from the seed of the fruit of the ancient African Shea or Karite tree and this is where all PURU Shea Butter is sustainably sourced from.

Healing ‘Tree of Life’ 

Shea butter is a wonderful healing moisturizer packed with nutrients that is also great for collagen production. The healing of Shea is so powerful that Africans call it ‘Karite’ which literally means The Tree of Life.  Shea butter is a base in PURU Lip Balm, PURU Body Butters, PURU Deodorant and PURU Foot Balm.


Shea Butter also offers a natural and light UV protection (up to SPF 6) and is also great as an after-sun moisturizer. For any prolonged exposure to sun we would recommend our 100% Natural PURU Sunscreen  and our Cacalmond Body Butter with Cacao, Sweet Almond and Macadamia oil as an effective after sun.

Forever Young

SHEA Butter is also naturally rich in vitamins A, D E and F and feeds the skin natural fatty acids essential for younger looking appearance. Our Body butter with Seed oils is packed with additional nutrients from organic and hand pressed seeds. If you’re interested in maintaining a youthful appears with seed oils we also recommend our PURETERNIA Skin care range of products including our best selling anti-aging eye serum.